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Albany Road 36 Mile Police Station
Travellers 26th June 1879 - 5th February 1883

26th June 1879
Passed thru 36 enroute to Albany viz expiree 7980 Mr Ennis and exp. 9396 L. Buckley

28th June 1879
Passed thru 36 viz TL 9937 C. Dempster enroute to the Williams on a 14 day pass from Fremantle transferred

Monday 14th July 1879
Joseph O’Mara (ex PC) wife and sister passed station enroute to Perth on Thomas Hayes Team

Wednesday 16th July 1879
John Marks exp. late 10059 alias Skinny passed station at 5pm with Charles Clayton Team going towards the Williams

Thursday 17th July 1879
Alfred Murray exp. late 7802 alias Pom Pom passed Station at 9am enroute to Perth on foot. John Shaw immigrant passed Station at 11am enroute to Perth from Wandering, horseback

Friday 18th July 1879
Eli Price exp., George Hodgeman exp. (late Horstler) at John Bell Inn and Eliza Gwimu?? alias Barefoot Liz passed Station on foot enroute to Perth

Saturday, 19th July 1879
John McDonough TL Reg No 7488 reported at station at 11am going to Perth on pass from the Williams

Wednesday 23rd July 1879
Samuel Buckley exp. passed Station at 12 noon enroute to Perth from the William on foot

Saturday 26th July 1879
George Buck and Family passed Station at 6pm enroute to Perth in a cart

Sunday 27th July 1879
Henry Potter TL Reg No 9952 reported at Station at 11.30am on pass from Perth to the Williams

State Records Office of Western Australia

Acc 696 item 1

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