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This website is the culmination of over 50 years of collective effort by a legion of committed volunteers and professional researchers. The National Trust of Australia (WA) in partnership with the Friends of Battye Library Inc. have brought together this work, and with the support of Lotterywest made it accessible to the public.

Lorraine Clarke and Cherie Strickland as members of and in conjunction with the Friends of Battye Library Inc., collated a single database of the numerous existing datasets, once these datasets were combined and differences highlighted, they were then checked against the original source data, these discrepancies were then corrected or comments placed within the database to notate these variations.

Research was then undertaken using TROVE newspapers, State Records Office governmental records, State Library of Western Australia Private Archives, Royal Perth Hospital Admissions Registers to enable the most comprehensive biographical database on the inhabitants of Cemetery Hill. This database is fully sourced and acknowledges previous researchers who contributed to the end result.


There is a responsibility on everyone to preserve the unique history of the Outback and recognise those who went before.

Research is underway following consultation with station owners, local historians and traditional owners in conjunction with "Yvonne and Kevin Coate, the authors of "Lonely Graves", and other genealogists who have previously undertaken extensive research in this area.

It is hoped that with more interested people we can expand the work and make sure as many graves as possible are marked and recorded to record history for tomorrow.


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