Broad Arrow Cemetery

Located 38km north of Kalgoorlie and 633km east of Perth. It was once a thriving and successful gold mining town, known originally as Kurawah it is said that Broad Arrow changed its name in 1893 because a prospector, having found gold in the area, marked the route to the spot with a series of Broad Arrows. The gold rush started in 1893, the railway arrived (from Kalgoorlie) and the town was gazetted in 1896, and the following year the municipality of Kurawah came into existence.

Appointment of Board.
(Reserve 3631.)
Department of Lands and Surveys,
Corr. 1810/96. Perth, 10th May, 1912.
HIS Excellency the Governor in Executive Council has been pleased to appoint, under the provisions of "The
Cemeteries Act, 1897," and Amending Acts, the Members of the Broad Arrow District Road Board for the time
being, as Trustees of the Broad Arrow-Paddington General Cemetery Reserve No. 3631, in place of the Mayor
and Councillors of the Municipality of Broad Arrow (dissolved).
Under Secretary for Lands.

[Government Gazette of Western Australia No 28 Friday May 10 1912]

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