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edited by Ronald M. Berndt and Catherine H. Berndt

As new 1979 first edition


516 pages with maps and b/w photos. A unique contribution towards understanding the Australian Aboriginal heritage in Western Australia


Papers by K. Akerman, C.H. Berndt, R.M. Berndt, W.J.K. Christensen, K. Colbung, I.M. Crawford, J. Davis, W.H. Douglas, A.P. Elkin, D.A. Gray, M.C. George, R.K. Green, M.C. Howard, S. Kaldor, I. Malcolm, E. Kolig, T.J.N. Long, R. McKeich, R.F. Morland, K.R. McKelson, C.F. Makin, S.J. Meagher, W.D.L. Ride, C.D. Metcalfe, C.F. Mounsey, M.L. OBrien, H. Petri, M.V. Robinson, B.C. Shaw, J.L. Sherwood, J.E. Stanton, R. Tonkinson, K.C. Truscott, E.G. Vaszolyi, J.M. Wilson, M.J. Winch, S.T. Woenne, B.J. Wright, separately annotated.

ABORIGINES OF THE WEST : Their Past and their Present.

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